Let's Be Partners

If you are an entrepreneur and have not enough budget, we offer possibility to start business joining with us. We are ready to provide all software solutions including the Main Platform, streamers softwares and devices apps (android apps, android TV, NVIDIA Shield, Amazon Firestick, ......), also technical support, installations, updates, upgrades, addons.... From your side we request 25% of incomings and server and be sure you will guarantee the following requirements:

Monetization Options

All payments will be manage for you, so, you should need to have way to receive them from customers (Paypal, Skrill, coins,.....).


Obviously it will be yours, so, channels, videos,....are provide by you, also company name, logos,...


As you can assume, is your responsibility promote, find and manage yours users.

Servers Management

All Servers (domain if want) should be provide from you, we will have full control of Main Platform, if there some extra server then you can share access just for maintenance when something wrong or is needed to fix.

Contact directly support for more details or just leave us message explaining or requesting more information.

Work with us